My Daughter's Wish
(M/f, inc, size, preg)

by Kysa Braswell

"Incest is best" is a phrase intended to be funny, but it conveys a truth that most ignore. A man who fucks his daughter is actually doing her a favor by 'breaking her in' properly to the world of love and sex. She will forever be grateful to him and in many cases allows the father to impregnate her willingly. It can be a beautiful encounter between a father and his young daughter, a consummation of their love, when the little girl becomes pregnant by their father, her young belly swelling with the baby that their love created.

Once I thought that any father who would fuck his own daughter was a sick pervert until circumstances changed my opinion. My name is Shelton and I am thirty-seven years old, I am a widower and the father of a beautiful young daughter named Amber who is twelve.

The other day I over heard Amber and her friend Erica talking. I heard Erica state what I had expected, she was pregnant. I then listened a little bit more intently to find out who had knocked up this little girl. Then I was shocked to hear that Erica was pregnant by her own father. My mind was a whirlwind at the thought that this little girl being pregnant by her Daddy. This little girl was only eleven-years old and already sexually active, not only that her belly already was bulging with a baby. I then was relieved to hear my Amber tell Stacy that she was still a virgin, but then was shocked to hear that she had been thinking about losing it.

At dinner later that night I took a long, good look at Amber. My daughter was definitely a cutie. Though still young, her body had begun to fill out and she was becoming a pedophile's wet dream. Her little ass was narrow and shapely, and she already had a cinched waist, which gave her great feminine form in a bikini. I knew my little girl had not yet begun her period, but soon she probably would. I could see how Erica's father and many other fathers could fall victim to their daughters, and actually begin fucking them. But I wondered though how do you go about seducing your own daughter and actually fucking her.

The answer would be easier than I thought.

I was getting ready for bed when Amber came into the room. She told me that Erica was pregnant. I told her that it was very obvious as her belly had started to bulge and she could not hide it any longer. Amber told me that her friend had been fucking her father. She then said that Erica was pregnant by her father. Amber confessed that she was still a virgin and was not happy with this, even found it embarrassing to admit at school - and the child was only in the fifth grade! She went on to explain how she wanted me to fuck her like Erica's Dad did her. Then she told me flat out that she wanted to have my baby. I was both shocked and happy by her revelation! I was so lucky that my girl loved me enough to give her body over to me. I knew that this was a special event for the both of us, as we were to become lovers. Her one condition, for her comfort, was that she wanted to fuck in her room, which surprised me, but I wasn't going to object at this point.

I carried my daughter to her room, where the incestuous foreplay would begin. I began to undress as my little girl watched intently. I then began to direct my attention to my Amber. I took my daughter's shirt off and proceeded to take off her skirt. Now she was before me in nothing but her little training bra and panties. I took a deep breath as my big cock lurched; my daughter looked so perfect, so healthy, so sexy and so cherubic in this moment.

My cock was hard as it could be, like a gun ready to go off. When I stood and dropped my pants, her eyes bulged at my size, not expecting a cock to be so big.

"Oh Daddy, it's so big!" she said, fearfully touching it, letting her fingers slide over the long foreskin hanging over the cockhead.

"It's okay, honey, all men's cocks are big. It just seems bigger because you're so young."

" big is yours?" she asked.

"You Mother once measured me at nine-and-a-half inches, does that answer your question?"

"WOW!!" I'll bet Erica's Daddy isn't as big as my Daddy!" she said, as if the two girls had made a bet.

To my surprise Amber went down on it and began to give me a blowjob. She couldn't fit the broad cockhead in her mouth, so she settled for suckling on my foreskin and slurping my precum out its tip. She also showed her lack of experience, which made it even more erotic to me. I knew it would not be long before my daughter would have me cumming in her mouth. And I also knew that I shot large loads of ejaculate. I told her to release her hands from around my shaft and just suck the tip while I show her what's like for a man to cum, and what she would be receiving into her womb. Within a few seconds, I exploded into Amber's mouth.

"ARRRGGGGGNNNNN," I yelled in ecstasy. "That's it, honey, hold your mouth open and just let it fill your mouth," I instructed.

Problem was, I was cumming far too much, after the first three shots, her little mouth was overflowing, so I let me cock bobble downward slightly and blew another dozen shots onto her face, chin and tiny bra, which slid and dripped down her chest and belly straight to her little panties. She managed to both hold and swallow the load I had squirted in her mouth and that impressed me. In all my life, that was the best blowjob that I ever had. It was hard to believe that this little ten-year old girl, my own daughter, could bring me this kind of pleasure. But maybe that's the difference between girls and women: girls can pleasure a man unlike they've ever felt; whereas a woman selfishly expects you to pleasure her.

I still didn't know how she would be able to take my big cock, but I could hardly wait to fuck this little virgin. I had Amber get on her bed and I joined her. My cock never lost its erection as it swayed heavily and slapped her belly. I took her bra off, freeing the beautiful, tiny young breasts. Amber then lifted up her cute little ass, so I could get her panties off. Finally, I had my ten-year old daughter stripped down to nothing, her naked body totally exposed to me.

Amber was trembling with anticipation of our incestuous encounter. I then got on top of my young daughter; my cock positioned right at the entrance to her virgin sweetness. My cockhead was wider than her entire vulva - how was this going to physically work, I wondered. I raked my long foreskin up and down her slit, tickling her pubes.

I was about to take my daughter as I asked her if this is what she wanted. My baby girl reassured me this is what she wanted. Amber told me to fuck her good and put her in maternity clothes. I then began to work my cock up and down her slit, soaking her tiny pussy with my copious precum. Once I was satisfied she was slippery enough down there, I began to push my enormous cock into my little girl.

"AIIIIIEEEEEE!!" Amber cried as if she were stabbed with a knife.

"Are you okay, honey?" I asked.

"Uh huh, just don't pull out or it will hurt a lot more now, just keep going in, Daddy."

Erica had told her about the pain the first time her father had fucked her, so she knew what to expect. I continued to work my cock into her painfully. I had only gotten just over an inch inside her when I came to her hymen. I rested inside her to let her young virginal pussy get used to my thickness and to the blunt instrument that was buried so deep inside her. Then with a quick thrust went right through her hymen like a hot knife through butter.

"Aaaanuuggghhhnnnn, OUUCCHHHH DADDY, IT HURTS!!" Amber screamed

I held her face and wiped her tears, reassuring her that now would come nothing but pleasure. I then began to fuck four inches in and out of her, again letting her get used to its length. When she stopped sobbing over four inches, I paused and inserted an inch deeper, waiting for her to stop crying and fucked her for 7-8 minutes with five inches, repeating the process over and over until I had nine inches inside the little girl's womb. I didn't think it was physically possible!

"Amber, darling, how are you taking me, taking so much inside you?"

"I love you Daddy," she cried, "and I'll do anything you want as long as you make me have a baby."

I was amazed at the child. She had an incredibly tight pussy - of course, what else did I expect? But for a ten-year old girl to be able to take a nine-and-a-half inch cock inside her on the first time was simply freakish. It made me love her all the more that she was willing to go to such great pain and length to please her father.

As I slammed my cock into my daughter tiny pussy, pushing her 73-lb. body back and forth over the mattress, I knew this incestuous consummation of our love would soon be over. I first wanted to make Amber have an orgasm, but figured her pain and the tearing of her labia around my thickness would prevent this time around. Amber's breathing had become more rapid as my cock pounded in and out of my daughter's preteen twat. Amber kept on crying, the harder I fucked her, the louder she cried and the more her tears flowed. But this is what she wanted. If my daughter wanted to be impregnated, she needed to know it was not an easy process.

"Oh god, it hurts, Daddy, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, PLEASE, IT HURTS when you go so deep!!" she cried, her little eyes bawling in pain.

I didn't give shit now as lust had taken over my brain. Here I was with my little daughter, naked beneath me, just having sucked my cock and swallowed my load, and now I was fucking her like a tramp. I was going to cum inside her no matter how hard she cried now! I continued to fuck my little girl viciously, flexing my big cock inside her, letting her cervix painfully squeeze my cockhead. But she surprised me again.

"Ummmmmm, aaaiiiiiiieeeee, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, DADDY, OH DADDY! MMnnnnnnnggggg!!" Amber cried out, as I knew my little girl was having her first orgasm.

Knowing I could finish the job properly, I banged her little cunt mercilessly during her thirty-second orgasm, pouring my cockmeat all the way inside her until my swollen balls rested on her tiny asscheeks. Then I felt myself about to cum, the cum boiling through my loins and surging through my balls and cockshaft.

"Amber, I'm going to try to make you pregnant now, are you ready?"

She didn't answer, just nodded, slinging her stress-induced sweaty hair up and down. I spewed my incestuous seed into her fertile young womb, filling her with a huge load. Didn't realize I had that much inside me after the blowjob, but then I remembered I was fucking a girl, not a woman. Only a girl can have this effect on a man. The pressure from my big cock completely filling her cunt and womb combined with my enormous cum load hurt the both of us as she started crying loudly again.

"Oh Daddy, it HURTS, please, let's not do this anymore... pull out!!" she cried.

I tried, but couldn't. My cock was stuck in her, and I had no choice but to continue cumming inside the girl, overflowing her womb with my seed. I frantically tried to pull away from her, even gripping the base of my prick, but her clamp-like tiny pussy wouldn't release me. So I relented and continued to let my orgasm flow inside her cunt, filling her for 45-seconds or so until it subsided and so did I, in exhaustion.

Afterward, we spent that entire night together, are bodies locked together in an incestuous union, fucking and sucking the night away.

"You know baby, I'm so sorry I hurt you, but you learned that sex is not always pleasant, didn't you?"

"Yes, Daddy. But I didn't expect it to hurt THAT much! Does having a baby hurt much?" she asked.

"Oh, you'll just have to wait and see. But if you're too sore for the next week or so, I can introduce you to anal sex. Lots of little girls like that, too, while their pussies are recovering from a brutal fucking," I explained.

"Really? Okay, we should try it, since I won't be able to move tomorrow!" she laughed.

She was right I had to call the school and explain that she was sick for the rest of the week, because she was too sore to walk, and when she did, she walked like she'd ridden a horse for a week.

From that night on Amber and I were fucking every chance we had. There was no thought of what we were doing as being wrong as we expresses our love to each other in the most intimate way.

As you can guess, within another year, Amber was pregnant with our baby. It was about six months later Amber started her period, and then by the eleventh month, she missed her second period and started to get sick in the mornings. I took my little girl to the doctor who confirmed what we knew: Amber was pregnant.

She was so excited as she could hardly wait to tell Erica, who had given birth to her baby girl seven months ago. Amber just wanted the whole world to know that she was knocked up with her Daddy's baby. However, I explained how that would put Daddy in jail forever, so except for Erica, she successfully kept our secret on condition that I would continue to fuck her throughout her term.

Amber looked so beautiful with her bulging belly, as she blossomed through her pregnancy. Her breasts became freakishly huge for a little girl and were PERFECTLY shaped. I kept buying her ever larger bras until she stopped in her eighth month at an F-cup! Her massive breasts, though heavy with milk, stood on their own with no sag whatsoever. No woman's breast ever accomplished that feat! Amber loved the maternity clothes that she got to, wearing her favorite for her school picture. That was a definite sight and a scandal when it came to placing her and Erica's pictures in the yearbook. For some strange reason they felt that an eleven-year old girl should not show of her pregnant body. In March, Amber would deliver a little girl whom we named Buffy.

We have become good friends with Erica and her father. We have even been considering swapping daughters, but we each want to knock up our daughters one more time before they get into junior high. It should be quite a lot of fun.

The End
Kysa Braswell
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