Kysa and Her Boyfriend's Dog
(Best/f, exper, size)

by Kysa Braswell
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Note: This is a fantasy piece only. Kysa is a cat girl! She has had 5 cats. However....

I had just finished getting fucked by my boyfriend, Zeke, for over an hour. God, he can go for so long that he makes me sore! But the sad thing is, it's not from his size. He only musters a pathetic 6.5-incher between his legs. But like an energizer bunny, he just fucks like a machine. The very first time he fucked, I remember, he was erect inside me for almost 1.5 hours. My thighs were cramping and shaking from being spread for so long at one time.

But the point is, my boyfriend has a dog. It is a big dog, a Great Dane. I'm a cat person, but the dog is sweet. He bothers Mike by barking sometimes at night, but I can't hear him! But here's what happened one night that Mike had fucked me. I was lying on the bed, nude (of course) after we had just made love for so long. I was sweaty and my nipples were still hard and sticking out almost a half-inch. I am nearing sleep when I suddenly feel a warm wet object nuzzle my cum-filled cunt. I am not quite awake, so I figure it is Mike again, ready to fuck me some more.

I unconsciously open my legs to the object. It is then I feel a long eager tongue begin to lap at my cunt. I am still groggy and not quite aware of what is happening, but as the tongue keeps licking I become more and more aware that it is not Mike licking me. I rose up on my elbows and looked down to see my boyfriend's Great Dane licking eagerly. Jesus, but it feels so good! I am shocked, but the pleasure is so intense after the long fucking. The taboo itself intoxicates my mind as I've sometimes wondered why a girl would ever want to fuck a dog or a horse.

I lay back and slowly begin to grind my cunt against his tongue and open wider and wider as he licks inside to get every last drop of all the cum Mike poured inside me. God, what a tongue! I've never felt feelings like this, as my cunt is so slippery from all our fuck juices, not to mention the slobber from the dog. The dog makes a lot of noise, too, unlike Zeke, and that's sexy. It also feels good, since after one of Mike's long fuck sessions, my pussy lips are usually pretty swollen for a while.

I look over and see that Mike is still asleep and I continue to enjoy the dog's oral talents. I quietly shutter and tense through series of toe-curling orgasms as I am licked expertly by the big dog. After about 15 minutes, my pulse is racing and my temples throb with lust. I remember seeing a video of a woman sucking off, then being fucked by a dog, and I feel I have to take advantage of the moment.

I slowly you slip away from the dog and slide out of bed. I pet the dog to follow me into the extra bedroom. I close the door behind us, as I don't want Mike to know what's happening. I lay a quilt on the floor and get low with the dog. The dog is very tall and I'm almost under him. I reach up and see that the tip of his cock is bright red and exposed from its sheath. My hand is drawn to it like a magnet. I've definitely never experienced anything like this before. As I touch it with my fingertips, it begins to get longer and fully expose itself from the sheath. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ...inches are exposed!

My god, no one ever told me dogs had cocks like THIS!! Jesus H. Christ, this dog would definitely put Mike to shame! I am fascinated and now overwhelmed with lust. It's time for a little Kysa-experimenting! I reach up and fully grasp the long dog cock and begin to jack him down, milking his big cock. It's slightly thinner at the base, but very thick through the shaft and the end is really thick. I can't touch my fingers around the girth of his shaft, and I wonder if I can get the head in my mouth.

I touch my tongue to his cock shaft and it feels very slippery on my tongue. One thing I've noticed is how much the dog is cumming or dripping precum. God, he's been dripping since we came into the room, I noticed. I stick my tongue to the head of of his cock and lick up the next long drip of precum. It tastes neutral, though slightly sweet. Then before I can move my tongue back up his shaft, a big stream of dog cum squirts out onto my tongue right into my mouth! I let it stay for a second, thinking on whether to just let it drip out, but then I swallow it. Not bad, I thought!

I get behind the dog, and pull his big 9-inch cock through his legs. That's when I notice his balls. My god, they're HUGE!! They're as big as tennis balls, and hang low. I wonder if all of that is cum? Jeez, he's still dripping precum thickly as I pull his cock back between his legs, separating his balls. I grasp his cock just like a man's and begin to suck him very lovingly. All the time, he's flooded my mouth with a slippery precum-like juice that just streams out of his big cock. I swallow about half of it, but I can't keep up. As I'm sucking him, I get a closer look at his cock. God, in its own way, it's really very beautiful. Long, thick, loaded with incredible amount of cum, and seemingly doesn't go soft as long as I'm holding onto it.

I grasped the base solidly and begin going deeper on the cock. It's very difficult given his thickness, as I can only get about 4 inches inside my mouth. No matter, I can't keep it in for long as he's cumming so much, it's just flooding my mouth. Kinky as this is for me, I think I'm going to like this dog better from now on! Before now, I could never even imagine doing something like this. Besides, I did not think animals had big cocks, except for horses.

I continue sucking the dog for a few minutes. The quilt, my face, and tits are dripping with dog cum when all the sudden Mike is standing at the doorway with eyes as big as saucers.

"Goddamn, KYSA! What the fuck are you doing?!!"

"I, I was, uh, well,... it's your DOG'S fault! He was licking me in bed!"

"But goddamn! You stupid bitch! I can't believe I catch you sucking a DOG, for god's sake! Why don't you just fuck him while you're at it?" he said.

"Well, I might! Look at him, Zeke. His cock is huge! Puts yours to shame, if you ask me! He's got AT LEAST nine inches here!" I said.

"Oh, is THAT what you WANT, you stupid slut? If it is, then let's just DO IT, why don't we?" he said. That's when Mike came over and slapped my face, then knocked me to the floor and starting beating my ass, slapping my asscheeks until I was crying and wailing across his lap.

"No, no, no, PLEASE!, no, please..., Zeke, please, stop,.... don't hit me again! I promise I won't do it again." I said.

"Bullshit, bitch. You want to fuck a dog? Goddamnit, then you're GOING to fuck a dog! GET your slutty ass up on all fours!" Mike went and directed the dog directly behind me where he started licking my bruised and welted ass cheeks, then he slurped his long tongue right between my legs and my head arched upward, then downward again, as it felt SO good after the short brutal beating by Zeke.

The big-cocked dog continues licking your cunt from behind. God, it shouldn't, but it feels so good! Suddenly the dog stops licking and I feel his weight on me as he mounts me from behind. He's so tall that he's able to straddle me as I drop lower a couple of inches. I feel the warm dripping wetness of his huge cock as it searches over your haunches to find the swollen lips of my cunt. Suddenly I feel his cock rub against my slippery lips its thick blunt head part my lips and rapidly thrust into you.

OH GOD!! OHMYGOD, he's big!! He inserts himself solidly inside me, then getting his grip; the dog begins to pound my ass and cunt viciously for several minutes, as he's going sooo deep. Deeper than Mike's EVER been! I may have gotten my ass beaten for sucking a dog, but this dog is lot better fuck than Mike will EVER be! Oh god, I've never been fucked this hard and fast before!! It's a noisy fuck as with all the cum or precum, the god is shooting inside me, that it is all just squirting and pouring out my pussy each time the big dog strokes deep inside my womb. I know I get really wet when I fuck a guy with a big cock, but this is the WETTEST fuck I've ever had, as now my pussy, pussy hair, and thighs are completely soaked with dog cum.

The dog fucks for me for about 15 minutes, until finally he plants his cock as deep as it will go inside me and he holds it there. I know what's happening as I can feel his cum filling my slutty cunt. He holds still for more than a full minute as I feel my belly filling with dog cum. It's a weird feeling to be filled by both a big cock AND by so much cum. He finally unplants himself and back out of my cunt, and Mike watches as almost a cup full of cum just pours out of my open, gaping hole. My lips are dripping with dog cum, and hanging down, stretched from the brutal animal fucking.

After the dog is finished fucking me, I roll over to the edge of the quilt, and watch Mike stroking his pathetic little cock. He comes over and sits on the edge of the bed and pulls me between his legs, making me suck him off. I put the head in my mouth, but Mike isn't satisfied. He pulls my hair, yanking me over his thigh as he reaches out and starts lashing and beating my ass again.


You're going to suck my cock the right way, you dog-sucking slut, or you'll be black and blue by morning!!


Do you understand, Kysa?


Pulling me back down again, I'm in tears, when Mike says, "Now you suck my cock proper, or I'll beat your ass until you do. And if you ever want to fuck my dog again, then you're going to suck me the right way, do you understand!!??"

Yes, yes!! Please, just no more, please, I can't take another beating!" I say with tears streaming down my cheeks. I reach between his legs and begin sucking him until he grabs my hair and tenses really hard and cums a really big load down my throat. I gasp and swallow hard to get it all. Mike then makes me take a shower before going back to bed completely exhausted, but completely satisfied.

But I wonder: can a girl get addicted to dog-fucking? I can't wait to find out!

The End
Kysa Braswell
bestiality as in A Girl and Her Horse as well stories abc free sex stories
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